June hiring surge of 287000 suggests rebounding US economy

SAN FRANCISCO, July 8 USA employers have been adding enough jobs over the last six months to put the economy on track to full employment by the end of this year, but that pro..., [Full Article...]


Hollywood Vampires Cancel "Late Show" Appearance Following Joe Perry's Hospitalization

Hollywood Vampires Cancel Cooper and company cancelled a planned performance on US chat show The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Monday night (11Jul16), but none of their tour dates will be affected. "We WILL see you in OH tomorrow night and for the rest of our dates!" he wrote. "FDNY and NYPD carried him off quickly", she added, referring to the New York City fire ... [Full Article...]


Google is adding US Cellular network to its Project Fi mix

Google is adding US Cellular network to its Project Fi mix U.S. Cellular joins T-Mobile and Sprint in the list of Project Fi's network partners. U.S. Cellular is Project Fi's third partner. The benefit of this model is that Google credits customers for the data they don't use, so if you pay $40 for 4GB and only use 3GB, the company will give back that $10 difference. [Full Article...]


Juri and Urien Teased in Balrog's Street Fighter V Trailer

Juri and Urien Teased in Balrog's Street Fighter V Trailer Even if there is some annoyance with the delay, it usually means that Capcom is taking time to polish things up which is always a good thing. Street Fighter V developer, Capcom, is set to release a huge update for the game next month. Now it appears that owners of the game will receive two characters at once, with Ibuki and Balrog becoming availa... [Full Article...]


Conforto returns to Mets, ready to try center field

The Mets will deploy an uncharacteristic outfield alignment Tuesday night for their game against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. Mets right-hander Matt Harvey is officially gone for the season, but his 2017 prospects improved on Monday after undergoing successful surgery in St. [Full Article...]


Donald or Ivanka for president?

The tech billionaire declared to the Republican National Convention that he is "proud to be gay", becoming the first speaker in the party's history to do so from the stage of the Republican National Convention. "This, in turn, will create millions of jobs", Trump said. Someone from the NY delegation shouted, "We love you, Ivanka!" Standing in fron... [Full Article...]